Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We are now 65% sold!

Words, can not express how much we want you to join us on the next Cruise Chics Retreat. It is honestly hard to put into words all that you will experience. You will feel refreshed, recharged, and renewed. You will laugh, cry and be spoiled. Women are natural nuturers, givers, we usually carry alot of guilt, and set the tone in our home. What better gift can you give your family than getting away to come back recharged.
I have had several husbands call me to book this for their wives. And I promise, all those mothers out there, that he will survive(and probably appreciate you a little more) if you are gone for 5 days. Our husbands are quite capable.

Please pray about joining us and don't let Satan lie to you. You need not feel guilty or selfish(that is not of the Lord).

The Lord longs to have you all to himself, to love on you and to tell you how precious you are!